Thursday, November 17, 2016


Anak ng pusa
Anak ng putakte
Anak ng tipaklong
Laman, loob, lupa
Sa putik ka gumulong

Son of a cat
Son of a snail
Son of a tadpole
Muscle, core, earth
In mud you roll

Note: Just experimenting with translating myself. Some things cannot be carried over. Like the "laman-loob" meaning innards/guts and "lamanlupa" is a term for gnome that dwells under a mound of earth. Also you won't get the euphemism unless you're familiar with the Spanish/Tagalog word for whore (puta). Aside from cat/pusa & snail/putakte I also use mud/putik as a "cleaner" substitute. As for the tipaklong, it's just something I say to myself, a second-layer euphemism since it follows the rhythm of putakte in my head.

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