Tuesday, April 22, 2014

some animal poems


the cat melts through
the room,
one ear twitching,
rolls over on soft ground,
waits for hands
to come close enough.
(claws at ready)

the cat skims up the table
surveying its kingdom
full of prey.


amble up amble down
into a box
of good smells
but the box trembles
and the bear peers
over the edge:
the forest has vanished;
turned into too-tall
too-hard not-trees.
too many eyes watching.

one shotful of sleep
and the bear tumbles down.
maybe it was all a dream.


at the zoo
people ooh
and aah
as it shows off
its shell,
before shyness
has it go
into hiding.

the turtle's life
is great, except
when rats sneak food
from its plate.

prompt: poems for children

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