Thursday, April 3, 2014


by Christine Fojas

this palimpsest architecture
search out the cracks
in the walls
hide vanishing points
along the street
be they poems
or portals

beware the hooks and crooks
the shielded ground
connect and disconnect
slide into the crowd
and ride the waves
lashing visible
and invisible reefs—
a culture of constant
and sometimes compulsive
information swapping
disrupt the life cycle

this accumulation of grime
does not wash away
here are surfaces overwritten
by our learned greed
here are texts and subtexts
and contexts you can read
here the noise of our dead
ghosts blinking out
like long neon nights

it is thousand of movements
intricately linked
to one another
find a thread to unravel
in the pattern of recurring narratives
deliberated and curated
on offer everywhere you look
what’s in the nothing box?
a legacy of hunger

resist mediation
through expeditions
into first-hand and second thoughts
where is the third door?
you are the leader
you are looking for

think upside down
and love inside out
you have been misinformed
the blade persuades
invent truths and hone them
find the levers, the handles
find the doorways and walk through

wombs and tombs
and everything in between
read the margins
in the text-books of war
strive for competence in combat

the city is a tapestry of pockets
disembellish and disadorn
isolate, alienate
cultivate a sense of self
that no shelf will carry
disown and disintegrate

hope is the leash of submission
fed on by communal dreams
beware enemies who grow old together
keep the circle strait

what keeps us on point?
what others have taught
do not forget

do not disclose yourself just yet

Have you ever tried to write something, and write something, and then it's just too big for you? I've given up on this poem. It has myriad inspirations, but especially Naomi Klein's "No LOGO" and Raoul Vaneigem's "The Revolution of Everyday Life." 

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