Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Motions to Reconsider

by Christine Fojas


Some days

I want to crawl
back into my mother's womb
and erase
the traces I have left
on the world.

You will have found
someone else.

Can I fold back a life
and return it to sender?

Or am I spilled ink
on a tapestry?

Out, out, damned spot.


What am I doing?
Going through the motions

I am tired, I am tired
My bones prefer the dust
and the giant's teeth.

Why not?
The sun rises and falls--No!
The sun hangs constant
and we rise and we fall
riding the forces of the universe.

Ask me again tomorrow
and the day after and the day after

I will mimic the moon.

Notes: This was conceived and mentally written before six a.m. and then I desperately opened the computer to write it down before the poem evaporates in the morning light.

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