Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Fan's Ode

by Christine Fojas

Want is warm.
Everywhere you go
fire follows.

Just a dream:
a mic in your hand,
eyes watching

and applause.
You smile and the world
screams back. Like

for the orchestra,
the music

rises high.
Tide-maker, o moon.

Yet do you
long for solitude
and silence?

Open air
Eyes watching,

eyes judging.
How do you keep on
being you?

Hold yourself
whole lest it shatter
in the mirrors

of others
who want and want and
want? A dream

can turn dark,
a crowd to a mob.
Or you wake

to the day
nobody looks twice.
Even gods

see twilight
falling as their names
fade away.

When that day
arrives, think of me
who loves you

Hopelessly. I am
still clapping,

still screaming,
dreaming your dream and

to wake up
to the world.

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