Monday, March 11, 2013


I am going to make my own anthology of poems I love. Here are a few titles I'm including:

Dark and Dark by W.R. Moses (p. 72 of The Wesleyan Tradition)
Utter by Don McKay (p. 34 of Strike/Slip) - unless I find a new poem that I like.
Myths, mountains by Jamie King-Holden (from Chemistry)
The Day the Perfect Speakers Left by Leonard Nathan (p. 96 of TWT)
The Hermit Crab by Mary Oliver (and Wild Geese)
Anne Frank Huis by Andrew Motion (from Scanning the Century)
The Unseizable Elegy by Erin Moure
You Can't Have it All by Barbara Ras
Between yesterday and your mouth by Rosa Alice Branco (New European Poets)

And something by Peter Gizzi, Borges, and other favorite poems. I guess I can put up to three poems by a poet if I have a hard time choosing. So much material to go through, though, which is the fun part.

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