Friday, February 8, 2013

Strange Quest

I flew to Melbourne to visit my sister after Christmas. I ate at a lot of Asian restaurants, went swimming a couple of times, walked around the city, visited a couple of museums, took pictures, shopped for summer clothes and chocolate. And I went in search for poetry.

Where was it? The secondhand bookstore yielded only foreign poetry, and I read a bit of June Jordan's poems and Randall Jarrell's criticism. In the end I went online and found poetry, some bits glittering, and some bits fading away in my mind's eye.

By the time I actually found poetry in a bookstore on Lygon St., my suitcase was already too full to add a couple of literary magazines, none of which held anything that caught my eye. I found one good poem amidst the books on the shelves. (Will post it sometime.) And I walked and walked, eyes open wide.

And then I found another bookstore full of cheap stuff. And there it was, a five dollar book of Best Australian Poems of 2009. Dates don't matter. Good poetry doesn't date. I bought it and took it home along with a fantasy book and a children's magazine.

There. Mission completed.

And I have read the first few, and they were awesome.