Monday, October 8, 2012


from Verse Magazine

If we have a plan, it’s 
unbecoming: we could

do nothing and let things 
happen to us, but that

just isn’t how we roll. Places 
we fly over have cities

and culture and cracked 
sidewalks too. Lines

that form the right side 
of your face want to

take me away. Each inch 
is covered in

creases and I think
the room wants to sleep

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Another delicious poem I've stumbled onto.

I've also been reading interviews with Robert Creeley, whose poetics resonate with me. He said he reads to find out what's possible. My own concept of poetry has been expanded and redefined again and again with each new encounter. The more choices there are, the more confused I feel, but there's still a certain intuitive leap as to what makes a poem good. I'm just learning to question my assumptions, and step over my self-imposed boundaries.

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