Sunday, September 30, 2012

Word on the Street

Attended the Word on the Street in Vancouver Public Library today. I got several poetry books in a range of prices, and listened to W.H. New read from his new book YVR, while my little sister got some comic books. And we ate fresh corn with cheddar cheese; its scent brought us back to the past so very sharply.

Here's a bit from Jen Currin's "Orange Flowers" from The Sleep of Four Cities.

Do you find it strange
that the designated dreamers
disown their dreams after waking?
They slip into their crumpled second personas
like yesterday's clothes
and step into a day that will not foot/fit the bill,
a night that reaches for the stars
crisp as the smell of rain
in a blackened room.

And another bit from Jordan Scott's "Filiform" from Silt.

orbits left by the tide
stalled in the rock lip breath
pinniped carnivora
neck and ribs hunting in the cavity of Horus
marrow in the bone driftwood
care for the chinook wind
ear for the sea surge
slack murmur:

the tide will be       in
kelp will rise
crabs move in stone

I'm so happy to discover new poets. (Gillian Wigmore, Chris Hutchinson, Patrick Friesen and Calvin Wharton)

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