Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I got drunk on the letter home
     spilled a   few words
like rose petals they bloodied
     up the      space
I must have told you more
     than I can  stand

this modern standard
     faster than laser beams
        against invisible walls
where our senseless      selves
     are   rearranged

leave me in   the dust
     a brand name   tattoo
        fading on skin

let us sober up one by one

come and find secrets    green
     and grave
come and pirouette on floors
     that tremble
leaves in the storm      fire
     and gold and ash and stone

what else is there to brave
     this modern standard
        shrank the map and zoomed
the eye    to encompass the world

I always crave
     more than I had
        more than I can   stand

Christine Fojas
a sort of free-written draft inspired by translated song lyrics of a foreign song

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