Saturday, May 12, 2012

Something I liked: LONGING:

a term for radical unwinding of the heart, e.g.
an angel
calling his dog, a cardinal
whistling in the poplars plucks a dangling
heartstring in his beak and
flies off somewhere, carelessly
                                    in Welsh
                                           across the clothesline

                                                 bleeding into the trees

by Don McKay
I picked up his "Strike/Slip" from the library a couple of weeks ago, and today I borrowed "Camber: Selected Poems." (Where this poem is found.) I first mistook him for another Canadian poet, Don something or another poet entirely something McKay. But I fell in love with his poems. They are very musical, and can be playful or solemn in turns, and are grounded in a lot of nature imagery. He also writes beautifully about movement. Another poem I liked is UTTER.

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