Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Three Hypothet(i)cal Sonnets among Many

The Godless Poem
Just came to be
An object made by absence
Nobody at the helm
Of an empty vessel
Nobody to tell a story
Around a flame
There are gaps between words 
And phrases
That act as space 
For a thought to leap from
For a reader to enter
And make up the rest
And nobody can tell them 
That they are wrong
Here and Gone
The Hand was at work 
The poem shown as proof
But the moment somehow erased
Or rearranged to delude
To make the poem seem 
A spontaneous result
That evolved effortlessly
From the blank page
And now the poem must be abandoned
To stand alone 
Under the hard gaze of many suns
The Hand was here and then gone
And the poem soon shall weather 
Even sooner shall fade away
The Poem as Prayer
God made us and God wrote
Poems through us
The angels play songs 
That break through bare hearts
And we take what we can
And make what we may and we pray
Phrase after phrase
To be deemed worthy of such grace
And beauty that penetrates us
And leaves our souls aglow
Beacons that gleam among the stars
God shaped us and God wrote us
And every word on the page turns 
To sacred hymns that echo on and on 

Christine Fojas
Prompt: Lipogram, defined as a poem that explicitly refrains from using certain letters.
Notes: They're only sonnets in that they're 14 lines and present some form of an argument. As you may have guessed from the title, the missing letter is "I" which was the trigger for writing about absences and presences. This is pretty tongue-in-cheek and all POVs make fun of the idea they supposedly argue for, because the basic metaphor (creation of poem as creation of man) is obviously flawed. Interesting exercise I've never tried before.


the tree said...

I like them all, but the first in particular. The ship at sea, the listeners gathered around the candle.

fojee said...

Thanks! I think I focused more on the first two. By the time I was working on the third, I just wanted to get it done, so the tone is different... :P