Friday, April 13, 2012

Shallow Ground

Stand in the shoals,
in the overlap of sand
and slowing wave,
where the mud clings
to your feet.

This is the stairwell
leading down into the sea.
This is where waves break
or diffract, and tide turns.

This is where man
makes his choice to leap
or to let the waters
push him back.

I heard a widespread rumor
that poets must steep
in despair
before they can sing.

I think shallow waters
could be enough
to teach us about depth.
The rest we can imagine.

In our heads, questions build
their own connections
and stories elaborate themselves.

And joys and sadness
are but pebbles a child plays with
here in the mix of currents,
in this shallow ground.

Christine Fojas
second poem of the day; written from words randomly culled from a book and from the wikipedia entry for "shoals."


Stidmama said...

I really enjoyed this poem! I grew up along shorelines most of my life, and it "rings true" -- I like the line about shallow waters giving us enough of an idea and then imagining the rest.

fojee said...

Thank you! It was all inspired by reading about shoals.