Monday, April 30, 2012

Promises to Break

I will remember every moment between us.

(my heart beating loud as we held hands)
(you made me feel giddy with joy)

(sitting beside you in class)
(filling a notebook's worth
of dreams about you)

(that time you sang a song for me)
(every song you sang seemed like

it was for me)
(some songs I can never listen
without thinking of you)

(the letters we wrote each other
that summer and after, passed
from class to class, friend to friend

for years)

I will remember every moment.

(the heartbreak of finding out
you had someone else

again and again; anyone else
but me)

I will remember.

Christine Fojas
prompt: use "I remember..." three times; dedicated to the greatest romance of my life, which never started.

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