Friday, April 20, 2012

The Motions

The bus comes
mostly on time
and you pick the window seat
to watch the sun dip
in and out of buildings.

You will never get used
to the motions.
It's like you feel
the planet's spinning
and you follow
in ballerina tiptoes
round and round.

If you can, pick something
to stare at
(a bridge, a tower)
to hold you in place
even though it changes every time
you pass by.

Will this journey change you?

Good poems
build to a point,
lead the reader
down the labyrinth
to center of the maze.
But you can only find it
if you're open enough.

Journeys require
an equal amount
of attention;
that's the toll you pay
to be alive.

Christine Fojas
prompt: traveling

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