Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Moment of Stillness

I had to stop
in the middle of the sidewalk
and unplug my ears
and let the tinny music fade
as I gazed up
at the flowering trees
where starlings had come
to sing of love.

Beauty was tap-tap-tapping
like a curtain of rain.
It gathered at the tip of a leaf
and soaked in my hair
and followed the shape of the earth.

We all secretly hunger for such offerings.
We wish to be one star
in a glorious constellation,
to be a knot in a living net
that hauls in all these treasures,
to hold the world
and be held riveted in place.

Our place, where feet touch ground
and skin meets sky
and we will know the part we play
in this unfolding universe.

Christine Fojas

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