Monday, April 16, 2012

mixtape: ode to a long-distance friendship

You never bother
writing liner notes
so I dive into each song,
trying to divine from title
or each individual line
some hidden message.
Don't worry. I am fine.

Are you fine? Or do you still
wake up to excruciating days?
Do you still read books
or spin hallucinations
into tall tales?

If I could discover a secret
sun to light you up in a blaze
I'd sent it to you in the mail.

And I will wait for word,
or better yet, a happier song.
Please, Roel, stay strong.

Christine Fojas
prompt from PAD challenge: mixed up poem
This may be a little too personal, and if he ever stumbles onto this site, he can tell me to take off his name from my poem. :P

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