Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Title and idea from YA book of same name by Ron Koertge
Found poem from Post Secret, and different confessions on Tumblr

It could have been better
if I were like the ocean
in library books,
letter by letter.
People have no idea how far
is another chance.

Some days are just like this:
completely remarkable.

I can't dance
for attention.
They ignore it.
I love dancing.
She told me to stop.

If they hate me now
I'll survive.
Don't forget you know who I am.

Please save me now.
I can't stand beside someone
who can stand beside that.
Are you joking up there?
I'm not laughing anymore.
It's not fair; in your shadow,
you leave the world broken.
I don't know who you are.

I'm terrified it could never happen.
I've been throwing them away.
You're poison to me.

There was nothing
that could have fixed what you broke.
I am one of your mistakes.

Christine Fojas

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