Thursday, January 5, 2012

What I'm Reading (and Loving)

Issue #59 of subTerrain magazine. It's has 125 poems about Vancouver in it. Some lines :

We are a spark beleaguered/by darkness     this twinkle we make in a corner of emptiness (from Earle Birney's "Vancouver Lights")

Do not live in habit. Do not take the most/basic assumptions for granted. Consider/the city of whales. If you seek it with your eyes/you will never find it. It lives only in the symphonics/of the ocean. (from Brad Cran's "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Gray Whale, After Wallace Stevens and Ending with a Line from Rilke")

The time is now, and now, and now; built so fast with minds/less changed, from Expo to Olympics,/a lifetime. More than his. Most of mine. (from Sachiko Murakami's "Boundaries")

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