Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Life between the Letters

after Radiolab, "Detective Stories" Part 2

Out of one tree, hundreds of flowers might bloom;
Out of one life, hundreds of letters
Scattered by the wind like leaves, crisp brown.

A stranger bends down to collect
The puzzle pieces littering the grass
Alongside Route 101,

Puts them together, gives them a name,
Your name, Ella Chase, Ella Chase, Ella Chase,
And recreates a life between the letters,

Such as one connects the stars that span the sky.
Dear mom, thank you for changing the way
I think about my life.

I've been slowly getting on my feet again.
Oh Ella, out of such tragedies, strength is born;
Out of such mysteries, entire universes.

Now more strangers come to write thanks yous
As your ghost hand slides pen across the page
And corresponds.

(Nixed previous title: Ella by the Roadside - 18 Nov)